Organic coconut oil is a key ingredient for many of our Raw Nibbles treats. The benefits of this amazing oil are vast and today we have been busy whipping up fresh batches of our delicious  Coconut Slices  and Coconut-Cashew Raw Fruit & Nut Balls  which use the oil as a base ingredient.

So… what is a coconut slice?

Simply, it is a layer of coconut, blended with coconut oil and sweetened slightly, topped with our Dark & Decadent raw chocolate. Yum!

We love coconut oil. As well as putting it in some of our goodies, we tend to use it a lot when cooking at home too. It is excellent for frying food as it has a higher smoke and burn point than olive oil. It also adds a delicious flavour to foods – and if you’re not a coconut fan, you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t have a coconut flavour when used for cooking.

Below is a lovely article to explain further some of the many uses for this fantastic organic oil:

151 Awesome Uses For Your Coconut Oil